Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A dose of Gratitude

This is a perfect portrait of my life:
Rich color, lush, with lots of hearts.

A sunspot inspires upright napping.  If not napping, certainly thoughtful contemplation while 


for the Birthday Knees ...

no, knot really.  I was being silly.  
Wayne and Steve grilling.

These two get the photogenic award.  PDC.
(Pretty Darn Cute.)

In the Morning Glories I found a blossom subdued by the vine of a neighbor?  Regardless, the color is beautiful.  Will it escape as the morning lingers?  Will it miss being open if/when the sun arrives and the Honey Bees converge in the garden?  It is unseasonably cold this morning.  The clouds are low, it is quiet,  the colors are soft and gentle, as though summer is meditating.  I am reading and writing today.

Pears love cool weather in which to enlarge themselves; swelling, gathered together.

Really.  It is a California Sky.  Just not blue today.  Leaving the blue up to the 'Glories.  Carry on.

My car has been broken.  Generally, I am fine with that, I get around as needed.  It is comforting, in a big way, to not go anywhere.  I am never bored, always have tons to do, to catch up, to sort, to throw out, to weed, to wash, to send out, to apply for, to read, to write, to paint, to organize.  Unfortunately, it doesn't feel so great to be "stuck" with no choice in the matter.

Haha.  Such a dream!

Last night we went to pick up the vehicle, it was fixed, done.  I unlocked it, got in, key in ignition, and presto!  It wouldn't start.  Yes.  I am grateful it didn't get out of sight of Jim's Automotive.  I put the key back under the seat for Jim, and locked the doors, as we have "keyless entry."  This morning, talking to Jim about the state of things, he said, "Bring your key.  When I punched in the code, the overhead light didn't even come on; the battery may be dead."

I panicked.  About what, you may ask.  Guilt!  I lost "my" key, along with all of my keys two or three years ago, and have not gone through the hoops to create a new one, which entails much more than just going and getting one sawed to size.  For this vehicle, I need the code, and the this and the that so that they can re-educate the internal computer, etc etc etc.   So, I am living on the edge:  I go to and fro with one, that's right, one key to my name.  Yeah.  It feels illegal or something.

Now, if the battery IS dead, I'm personally and fatally screwed.

True, that is a little dramatic, but that is what instantly happened when I heard Jim say to bring my key.

This morning I felt completely incapable of maneuvering through this life.  Why can't a car key just be a car key?

Then, Emerson barked, and I knocked over my cup of tea, and now I have to clean off this desk and unstick all of these stupid papers.  See?  I am better suited for staring into space.

There is no ending to this little story.  Jim has solved the mystery and is fixing it.  I am home, with my lists and projects and Wayne's truck so that I can go back into town to an appt. and to work.  All is well.  I will place upon my list:  go to Ford and start the process of getting another key made.

Pretty simple, no?  To change a life-long habit; to take a step on a new path, a different direction... all there is to it is to take a step!   Wheeeee.

I am grateful.


AkasaWolfSong said...

Ahh me this is restful and replenishment!

Love the images and the heartsong accompanying them. :)

Many Blessings!

Ms. Moon said...

I am always feeling as if life is just whirling by so fast and that I can barely get my breath and learn to do one new thing when ten more demand my attention.
It is good to sit and nap upright or contemplate the (morning) glories and good to clear the mind and let it all just whirl around us sometimes.

Anonymous said...

What I love is how you photograph the Home Place as though it were an arboretum or the garden of a princess, and the home knees, and how car trouble turns into poetry. Luv.

Elizabeth said...

Let me know if changing your life remains simple because I could use some coaching!

N2 said...

Those morning glories are so vibrant they jump out of the screen and those luscious pears... What a fun birthday with the family! Here's hoping the car stays fixed. x0 N2

Jendocino said...

I just had to comment on these photos and your lovely essay. You do such a wonderful job on your posts, and you have a terrific eye. The morning glories are spectacular! Thank you once again for the dose of happiness!

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