Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Browsing morning

Some may call it foraging:  I love to stroll around the Back 40 for breakfast.  In past lives I was the "Gatherer," and it seems that some one else did the "hunting," anyway, I hope so.  Or maybe I did, because I have an uncanny knowledge of how it is done, the gutting, the skinning, the carving, the curing.  Today I prefer peaches.  Tree-ripened.

The berries are plentiful and delicious this year.  Yes, they make the best breakfast.  This afternoon I intend to begin the picking in earnest.  Last year's 5 gallons was not enough!  I cannot say no to a Blackberry Cobbler request, that is just how it is.

This row of beauties has materialized since yesterday!  They are called "Yellow Leopards" and are an ancient yellow bush bean.  So far, they look amazing and strong.  The packet says to enjoy them in all three stages: green, semi-dry and dry!  I cannot wait.

Of course, no garden is complete without its volunteer zucchini.  Here it is, blooming furiously with many little zucchinis in there.  Some eat the blossoms, but I cannot bring myself to this, it just doesn't seem right.

These last two photos are what I want to celebrate with orchestra and trumpet!  Butternut squash.  I see why in many First People cultures the squash is a symbol of all that is good and well.  The vine is lush, the blossoms prolific, sensuous, laden with sex and pollen.  Have you ever stopped and watched drunken Bumblebees waddling over the squash blossom parts?  Mercy.

Then there is the ever-present spiral.  Tendrils.  Tender tendrils.  Fuzzy.

This squash patch was not looking all that great a few weeks ago.  It was yellowish and feeble looking.  I mulched the hills with oat straw, and very quickly they shed the helpless look and took off.  They are slipping beyond the mulch, looking like they want to head out to the orchard and lay their fruit in the grass.  I am indulgent.  Go ahead, hide Butternut squashed all over the place.

I was going to post about 'hidden beliefs' because that's the subject which has been bonking around in my alleged mind. Seems that the pull of the garden is much more better for now.  Maybe later the bonking will make its way out of there...later.

Happy day to you.  Blessed breakfasts.


Merry ME said...

I have never had a garden. Until now. It's not much of a garden but who needs more than a squash plant or two to make her feel like a true descendant of Mother Nature. I don't know if my squash babies will be edible but I must say the plants are enough to make me swoon with squashy delight.

I'm anxiously awaiting the results of your bonking.

LindyLouMac said...

Lovely to share your garden wander. Zuccini flowers are actually delicious :)

Ms. Moon said...

Beautiful, beautiful. Our berries are done, out garden is heat-struck and bug-gutted. Sigh. Too hot to work in it anyway. Fall, though- ah. That will be lovely.
Thank-you for sharing your bounty.

N2 said...

"The vine is lush, the blossoms prolific, sensuous, laden with sex and pollen. Have you ever stopped and watched drunken Bumblebees waddling over the squash blossom parts? Mercy."

Mercy, indeed. Such wonder full pictures and writing combination today, LC.

Those spirals!!

Love you. N2

Marilyn said...

What a beautiful post - I love fruit and vegetable gardens. I have enjoyed wandering through your blog.

AkasaWolfSong said...

I'm wondering if one could plant squash and zucchini in containers?

Sadly I am not able to garden much where I live so I've potted everything this year, but I so love squash and zucchini!

Your pics are quite lovely and do try squash blossoms...they are divine! :) Wonderful in a batter and deep fried! Yummy!

You've a wonderful bounty...

Annie said...

I am inspired, in return, Laura. Gardening is such a chore for me and I really need to change my attitude. Perhaps I'll just start sticking things any old spot and watch what happens. Perhaps I will get lucky and be an instinctive gardener.

Susan Cornelis said...

Oh, I am so drooling looking at your breakfast and the pastry. Missing getting to eat your bounty, so I'll just do it vicariously.

I hope my Brahmas purr too. And I love the idea of different colored eggs.

Elizabeth said...

Each plant is more beautiful than the next. And I agree with you about squash blossoms as food. I've always found it tiresome, actually --

R said...

The picture of the berries reminded me of Ferndale and GMA. Thanks! :)

Bethany said...

LC! Thanks for these amazing pictures. Wow. I am so happy for you and your squash. I love the tendrils too. They make me so happy. As do you.

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