Monday, July 27, 2009

grown up

At daybreak I swing my legs over the side of the bed, the first parts of me to acknowledge these soft morning colors.  Cool air slips under sleepy bedclothes, I'm grown up the first thought.

Fresh aroma of dark pressed coffee pulls me to sitting upright.  I am wound tightly in sheet and summer quilt.  I am grown up.  My legs dangle over the handwoven rag rug on the floor.

Last night the hoot-owl's soft call was the last sound I recognised.  I recall hoping to hear it again as I had the night before.  Wriggling between cats and husband, I was the last one to cash in after making the rounds to secure the zoo, sleep quickly enveloped me. 

I'm grown up.
I'm grown up.

I wonder where I went in that deep sleep.  Hoot owl beckoned:  Enter the Old Forest, dripping with fog, dew drops trickling down furry Redwood trunks.  The soft aroma of wild ginger blossoms, exotic purple cups under heart-shaped leaves, recall peat and sword fern.  I'm grown up.  The summer river is slow and cool where it gathers and circles deep green.


the photo is from  Robert Potts@California Academy of Sciences


Anonymous said...

Oh. Oh. Oh. What a morning!

Sylvia said...

A beautiful day to awake with a conscience of growth. I love your doggy. Smiles!

Sorrow said...

I am all grown up...

Fire Byrd said...

What evocative writing... lovely

A wildlife gardener said...

What a wonderfully poet post full of atmosphere :)

I love your header...those eyes...

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