Monday, July 6, 2009

Closer than Close

And now,
after all these words
what really matters

contentment?  happiness?  Love.  

Contentment, happiness, love:  Like in feeling calmly filled-up, like after a busy day of watching the dog watch the chicks peck and chirpy-chirpy in their box.

What really matters?  That I was true.  That I am True.  That I do not cover up one shred of my passion, or my desire to love you.  That I always, in some way or another, get a little closer to accepting all the colors in the crayon box, that when I inhale their scent, I inhale their essence without separating them.

What really matters?  Laughter, like when we discover a whole neighborhood and my dad, all safe in their drawers at Sunset Memorial.

And after all these words, I feel a little fragmented, a little sobered, to find that even these words have no ability to extend this experience of Now.

And the words still matter to me, like the leaves of the bean tightly packaged in the cotyledon waiting to sprout and climb the trellis that stretches above them.

After all these words what really matters are all of these words.



Annie Jeffries said...

You have written something very tender here Laura. It quietly snuck up on me and I was pulled in by the tangle of words to be embraced.

Sorrow said...

I could feast on these words, and still be hungry for more, knowing that there are more, only makes me happy for the next meal.

N2 said...

Yes, a tender poem and one that uses the word cotyledon as well! You are a wonder, LC. Bisous, N2

la diabla said...

was there an outburst at the cememtary again? you're gonna wake somebody up!

I love you

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