Friday, July 17, 2009

God's Bucket

If this world
Was not held in God's bucket
How could an ocean stand upside down
On its head and never lose a drop?

All last year's garden time, I would take my camera out for my morning walk & admiration time.  And I may have taken, oh maybe 4,853 shots of the Morning Glories.  I just love them. HOW do they do that 'glow from within' thing?  Perfectly, every single morning, whether it is foggy, hot, suffocating, or what EVER!  Oh, if I could just wake up like that!  All purple and stripey, with Spirit glowing gorgeous from the center of my Being.

This year I have 'volunteers' all over the place.  I have pulled some of them, so I could plant things, or so that they don't choke out the serious vegetables, and I left scads of them.  Even to the point of putting their own play structure in... so I have columns of them!  Well.  They are beautiful.  And that is that.

Tonight is Friday.  I have purchased 3 square inches of wild salmon for $24.99.  I have fresh garden cabbage & tomatoes & purple onion for a coleslaw.  I have little yellow squashes to  swim in butter.  I have some fresh beans to pick and steam.  Oh heaven is at hand.  I just am praying that this isn't the last 3 square inches of wild salmon.  Yes, I also purchased six Lost Coast Brewery's India.  Friday is the best.  Yes.

Happy Day, I mean, Evening.



Merry ME said...

Morning glories are just plain glorious! I love peering out my kitchen window first thing and seeing one lone bloom singing good morning to the world. I'm not sure what happened to the others, but this one always brings a smile to my face.

Sylvia said...

Wonderful poem, God's bucket! Your Morning glories are like pearls in God's ocean. Right?

Sorrow said...

oh what a heavenly feast!
I love morning glory, but in some one elses yard!
I often feel i could sit and watch it grow, it seems to travel so far and so fast!

Fire Byrd said...

I love your photographs they are stunning.Came here via Merry's blog, and I'm pleased I did.

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