Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Warm Up. Write. Paint. Water.

Over the years I push myself to focus the Blog on the ART.  Perhaps just giving in to the fact that Life is Art would be a wise move.  You see, to get out of or into my house these days, I must step over this smiling, blue-haired, gift-bearing angel.

The garden reflects the seasonal changes which begin the moment the seed is settled into the earth.  Of course I lead the chorus of "Oh no!  Isn't it tooooo early for this?"  Of course not, it is late summer, almost fall.  The pumpkins are orange, the sunflowers mature, tomatoes ripe.

Cottonwoods are waving their shiny leaves in the breeze this morning.  It feels hot already.  I have watered the zucchini and basil, picked a clump of golden table grapes for lunch.  I am saving the trip out to the neighbor-goats with apples in hand for later, my before-I-go-into-town pick-me-up.

My planned foray into the studio will not be put off much longer.  The coffee waits its pressing.  I have started a large painting which at this point reminds one of waves.

There is a wagger on the porch, smiling her way back inside.  Oh!  There is another smile, the Labrador  smile.  His is harder to see as he blends with the shadows and dust.  His is more a swagger.

Surrounded by beauty.  Savoring the sensation and movement of what feels like a pause between seasons.

It is a good day, today.



Merry ME said...

Can't decide which picture I like best. It's hard to beat the bright orange of pumpkins on the vine, or the yellow flowers against a blue sky. But I'm thinking the gift bearing fairy gets my vote. That has got to make you smile whether you're coming or going.

Anonymous said...

I'm taking a good hard look at the day, which began with frustration at the putting on of my new walking cast which is a test of the fingers a'15nd imagination. Yep, it's beautiful. Thanks, Laura, for setting me on the path to enjoying...

N2 said...

So glad to see you back on the blog. The pictures are beautiful, of course. Hope you were in the river with them kids today. x0 N2

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