Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Perculating Cobwebs, Cleaning & Bees

Moving along with the artichoke theme, I notice that even housekeepers in the wild have dust and cobweb buildup, carcasses in the folds, and general shrouding.  Helps me know that I am not alone.

Can the end of summer really be two rows down on the calendar?  Oh dismay!  Perhaps the worst thing is that this also means the National Elections move closer, and in this movement all the horrific negativity present in our culture is ready to inundate every nook and cranny of wired communications, written, spoken, advertised and generally poured into our proverbial coffee cups.  Daily.  Moment to moment.

Do not despair, LPC!  There is art to be discovered.  Painting to splash.  Words to play.  Hugs to embrace.  Images to stop in time.  Abstract to engage.

I enjoy my daily foray into FB (Facebook).  I am steeling myself for the endless political postings.  Perhaps I will relax, and "block" them, which can be done painlessly.  Or perhaps I will leave them for my own personal growth!  At times it is apparent that certain ruts in my brain have fossilized, and a good shaking vibrates newness into the area.

Polarized political punditing (hahaha!) has gone on since the invention of the mouth and movement of air.   Harm and good have  been the result.  Period.  For Ever.

The Workess Bees head out for the morning pollen gathering.  Their morning ritual dances communicate direction, type, color, and best route to the pollen source.  If something changes, like a gardener cutting the sunflowers, this information is added, the Bees share freely and make the necessary adjustments to keep the pollen flowing into the honey factory.

No.  They do not argue.  Or call each other names.  Or worry about who married who, or sexual preference or if pot is medicine.

I do not believe that I have ever noticed a worried Honey Bee.  I have found them exhausted and dying, but even then they do not appear distressed.  Just done.

Funny, but I was going to write about something else, though for the life of me, I cannot remember what that was.

Have a day filled with purpose, affection, good work and clear communication.

I love you!


Anonymous said...

Your illustrations are beautiful, both in words and photographs, and your skill in gluing together a gaggle of disparate tales is eloquent.
As always.

Merry ME said...

Always good to see you here.

N2 said...

Those artichoke pictures look like paintings. Maybe this is the start of a new series?! x0 N2

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