Monday, September 12, 2011

Fire Season Warm-up

Having a nice, relaxing morning this week past,  I was distracted by the unmistakable "bonk bonk bonk" of the helicopter blades chopping through the clear sky.  Looking out my front window I saw blue smoke rising from the pine and oak covered hill north of us.

So of course, I grabbed my camera, and oh yeah!  My shoes. And out I went.  I blame my son-in-law for this kind of behavior.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have "chased a fire" before I knew him.

The connection being that he is a volunteer fire fighter, so now and then I have to run down a fire or two, just to be in conversation with him.  This can keep us out of politics for a few moments.  Out of hot water, so to speak.  In the frying pan, rather than jumping out into the fire.

The helicopter was flapping and dipping its bucket into the river and bringing it back and dumping it on the fire on the hill.  I scooted through the vineyards for a closer shot, and the 'copter started dumping water to create its own landing place.  You can see that the fire is mostly out.

This is Thomas.  His 6th birthday Pirate Treasure Hunt, and he is directing & figuring things out.  He is remarkably similar to his firefighter dad and his Uncle Skyler, replete with rosy sweaty cheeks and all-business approach to finding treasure.

Anyways, it was fun to watch.  

And then, it landed.  As though it settled into the vineyard.  Look at the cloud of dust!

My daughter Sarah scolded me for "chasing" after the fire fighters.  She worries about my getting in the way.  Well, I am here to tell you that I stay clear of the likes of these.  Serious:  I do not really chase fires.  If they are in my front yard, or the next-door vineyard, I do have to go out and get my scoop, it's only natural.  I have to plan my next step, you know.  Steps, if I have to get out of Dodge.

So, since it is Sept 12, 2011, and I have these photos up, I will say that I appreciate these men.  They are hard working, well trained teams.  They fly into rough terrain and get out and put their own life on the line.  We all expect them to show up when we "need" them to do so, and most often they do.  We expect miracles, and they usually deliver.  It is important to remember the men and women who have served and do serve their communities and country as fire fighters, ambulance drivers, helicopter pilots, fire bomber pilots, truck drivers, ditch diggers, water haulers.  It's a long list which I cannot even complete, but I am grateful for each and every one of them.




Merry ME said...

My ex husband was a Navy helicopter pilot. I have to say the picture you got of the pilot standing by his "baby" is a familiar one! Not so much the one of his hind end!

I'm not a fire chaser so much as a writer/blogger. Everything is fair game if a story is forthcoming!

Merry ME said...

P.S. I love birthday pirates and treasure hunts. Love, love love!

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