Friday, September 30, 2011

Calm. Peaceful.

Calm.  Peaceful.  Birds singing (those little grey ones).  Sunlight splashing around.

I am catching up on a tiny few housekeeping chores.  Letting the calm wash over me.

They say a storm is making its way towards our area.  The first one of the Season, three weeks earlier than usual.  Of course, we know, usual has gone the way of normal.  Doesn't seem to carry much weight.

Harvest (grapes) is in full, frenetic swing.  The weekend has enough venues piled high to exhaust even the hard-core attendees.  I believe I am going to prepare the winter bed for greens and cabbage.

Dirt is very soothing.

Love you.



Merry ME said...

I read something the other day that said this same thing. Of course I can't remember where. I'm not much of a gardener. But digging up lily bulbs recently after a good rain. Hmmm, what a feeling to be covered in Mother Earth.

Happy Digging!

N2 said...

I'm all for some real rain nurturing our soil (I typed soul first =o). Do some digging for me. Love you. x0 N2

Annie said...

No rain proposed for the valley but new roots are setting in tomorrow as my daughter moves and sets up her own first home away from us.

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