Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wedding Weekend Moments Away

While illegal contraband bakes in my oven (A German Chocolate Cake, 3 layers), I am going to take a quick moment here and write you a note.  I am making the German Chocolate cake for the Bride & Groom, as they are creating a table of delicious favorite baked goods to share with their guests, and they asked me to contribute.  At first I howled, No, I caaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnn't  and then reconsidered, because, after all, this is their party.  Today is cake-making-day.  Lower caps.  No big deal.

Except... yes, there are always exceptions, and this is one of them.  See here to see my main reason for the no-baking rule: I got my fanny back, and do not want to relinquish it!  BUT, when it all comes down to baking a sweetness for my youngest and his bride, I'm gonna do it.

Good news, as of this moment:  it is cooling on the counter, 3 beautiful layers, next step, they go into the freezer:  to be assembled Friday.

See the 1000 Cranes.  Dev has organized and folded a gillion of these beauties.  She is stringing them, and they will hang in the Circle of Oaks where her little brother is getting married.  Yes.  Amazing.

So, you most likely will not hear from me for a few days.  Haha.  I have gotten v.e.r.y. busy and occupied over the past two months.  Maybe after the Wedding, I will be back at my writing.  Yes.  This is possible.  The sun is out today, promising a beautiful day for Saturday.  My garden winks at me, the Borage and Bees nodding in the warm breeze.  I cannot go out there without a timer to bring me back inside to the job-list, as you see, I have little memory left.  It is highly probable that I would be found wandering down at the River, picking up beautiful, smooth stones and smuggling them into my pocket.

Have a wonderful week.  I love you.


Merry ME said...

Best wishes for a happy, happy wedding. May blessings rain down on the bride and groom. May they know love and laughter and forgiveness.

Seeing the cranes is a reminder of the quilt I was going to make. Hmmm. Perhaps I should get started!

N2 said...

Good to know that the cake made it out alive =o). The cranes are beautiful and I love the idea of the strings hanging from the tree. Oh, wedding fun by proxy!
Keeses to the parents of the groom. x0x0 N2

Elizabeth said...

Oh, have a wonderful time at the wedding! I love the idea of the cranes, there -- I'm quite partial to them, as you know!

I'll be here when you're back -- as always.

Tj and Mark said...

Awesome. We went to a wedding last year that had them on all the tables as favors. I have to admit to going around later and picking up a few that were left behind. Well a bit more than a few. I still haven't strung them up though. Thanks for reminding me. Enjoy your time.

Anonymous said...

What strength! Baking The Unthinkable with love. Standing with your marrying son under a flock of cranes, little bits of Peace come settling into the trees.
Hearing The Vows again as they pass to your next generation. The garden, the river, the writing, the art, the "bottomless" photograph. What a lovely share, Ms Laura! Have a wonderful weekend.

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