Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Butterflies and Buckeye with Hafiz

Coming down the mountain after a romp at The Lake, I noticed Buckeye Blossoms right at my level.  So I pulled over the vehicle, grabbed the camera and walked back up the road.  What a surprise to find that there were butterflies all over the place!  Busy with sticking their noses deep into the fragrance and brilliant white flowers, they didn't seem to notice me zooming into their breakfast world.

Imagine this as your kitchen counter.  Nice to fly away when satiated.  No need to scrape dishes, take out the compost, wash dishes, sweep the floor.  Just flutter to the next diner.  Might make metamorphosis worth it, no?

I Took It as a Sign

Someone sent a band to my house,
And it started playing
At five in the morning.

I took this as a sign
God wanted me to sing!

Then the moon joined in
And a few of the tenor-voiced stars,

And the earth offered its lovely belly
As a drum.

Before I knew it,
I realized
All human beings could be happy

If they just had a few music lessons
From a Sweet Old Maestro
Like Haviz.


Love you all over this blustery Spring Day!


Tj and Mark said...

Lovely. (long pause)

The buckeyes here aren't blooming yet. Good thing because the hail might knock them silly.

Kym said...

Buckeye flowers are some of my favorite. These photos with the butterflies make me feel like I could smell the sweetness if I just inhale long enough. Thank you.

N2 said...

Another photo TKO, LC. I am in the buckeye with the butterflies and Hafiz is just the cherry on top of the buckeye whipped cream. x0 N2

Jendocino said...


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