Friday, February 18, 2011

Point. Click. Point. Click.

1.  Must clean camera:  Soon.  It is acting up just enough to put the fear of failure in me.  First Place on the list is to encourage me-own-self to do it before it quits altogether.  My walk this morning included a quick trip to the Summer Bridge, which, of course, is stacked neatly beside the road.  The river is high and roaring swiftly below flood stage.

Water is everywhere.  All the small gullies and ditches run with clear, oxygenated water.

I feel a painting coming on.  I love the abstract nature of the cement shapes.

This morning, as I walked, the air cold, the wind cold, everywhere noise and action of the rains.  We have experienced crazy storms, piles of hail, wind, rain and snow.  Even today you can hear the water soaking into the garden, dripping from the trees.  Clouds are piling up, perhaps more is on the way.

I love it.  These days of being socked-in, have been productive.  Revision, and submitting my work.  Catching up the laundry.  Back to the work.  Cook dinner.  Back to the work.  Back to the work.

At this time of year, the moss is alive with the rains.  It has a short amount of time to do all of its housekeeping, reproducing, and greening.  Then, the sun comes and dries it to a crisp, and it waits patiently for the next wet season.

2.  Stay with the work:  finish.  Revise.  Send out.  Do More.  Finish.  Revise.  Send.  Do More.

Happy Day.


N2 said...

So nice to see these fresh, green, wet from the developer photos today, LC. Now one for the photo blog? Yes! to revising and submitting!! I'm off to bed.
x0 N2

Anonymous said...

...and another for Beautiful World? YES, to images and text. Good work, girl. May all the publishers take startled breaths when they see your poems and reach for the quill pen to say YES.

Elizabeth said...

Your energy is inspiring -- I especially love the photo of the moss-covered trees!

Ms. Moon said...

What lovely pictures, what a lovely plan you have!

Kraxpelax said...

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