Saturday, February 5, 2011

New Friends & Neighbors

New Baby on the Block!
Arrived today; second stop: Gladys's.

These smiles!

It looks as though for her, this will be an easy transition!

Joanie and Bently.

My new neighbor, a baby Great Dane!

Oh.  Maybe we shouldn't be holding him in our arms!
Or, maybe it's just right!
Puppy Love.


Annie said...

Adorable. Fun times ahead of you as the little guys bounce around exploring their new world.

N2 said...

When I saw that "puppy love" tag on FB, I thought "UH-OHHH!" Glad to see these are Other People's Puppies =o). Great pictures taken from a very good distance.
x0 N2

Elizabeth said...

I grew up with Great Danes -- we had a fawn and a brindle. I do love them -- they're very special dogs!

Kelly said...

Oh my goodness! Great Dane puppeeeeee! (That's a squeal, in case you couldn't tell!)

Bimbimbie said...

Look at those ears on the great dane pup, there's a lot of face to grow into them*!*

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