Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Couple More Waves

Oh, I am loving this mid-winter mild, sunny day.  Well, it's mostly passed, now, but today was sublime.  I pulled weeds and made great, tangled piles at the edge of the garden.  I let my hens out to enjoy things under the leaves, and noticed that Ms. Carmelita has a drooping tail, and doesn't go far, though she does keep her conversation going.  I dosed her with Echinacea, and hope for the best.  Took out ashes and made a new little fire, though we barely need one.  It is deeply satisfying to me to "do chores."  After what seemed like endless rainy days, this one just seems so perfect.

Have you ever voiced your opinion or thought, and had some one say, "I don't buy that."  For the life of me, I have no idea how that phrase has much to do with anything.

Dinner is in the oven.  Dogs are in wait-sprawl, ready for dinner.  Christmas lights are down and packed.  The robins are singing their twilight songs, ready to settle in for the night.  The sun has set, but there is still light, daylight fading.  This quiet holds peace.

There is still room for reading and writing!  And a cup of tea.

Manic  Screaming

We should make all spiritual talk
Simple today:

God is trying to sell you something,
But you don't want to buy.

That is what your suffering is:

Your fantastic haggling,
Your manic screaming over the price!

Have a wonder.


Merry ME said...

awesome photos

Elizabeth said...

"I don't buy that" is up there in hated sentences with "I don't do funerals" or "I don't do hospitals."

Jendocino said...

"I don't buy that" and "screaming over the price." Wonderful juxtaposition!! I wish more of us would concern ourselves over the quality and value of what we're "buying" than raging about what it "costs" us. Nice post!

Kim and Victoria said...

Nice. Sounds so relaxing. Hope your hen gets better soon.

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