Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Love the One you're With

Here she is, folks.  The dimpled one.

The finish line is just a few steps farther (further?):  You know, just up the road.  Today is Election Day. Time to race down to the polling place and cast my vote (actually, I already did).  Put aside whatever, and haul my little self in there to participate in governing this huge conglomeration we have for a nation.  I did read the Voter's Manual, and do, as usual, wonder who writes these things.  Is it wise to have vitriolic essays "for" and "against?"  Has anyone thought of publishing essays "clear" and "unclear?"  "crazed" and "sane?"  "ridiculous" and "hilarious?"  "thoughtful" and "rude?"  "opinion" and "fact?"

I know.  We'd then have to vote on who could/would write, right?

Kisses!  No doubt of where those dimples came from, is there.

I want to say something.  I want to say to us all:  jump for joy!  Grab some one and hold them high on your shoulders.  Laugh.  Cheer for some one, a team (like our Giants), a family member, the neighbors' kids, just let yourself have the joy of supporting, encouraging, cheering, jumping up and down, yelling.  In 12 Step Programs all are encouraged by the reality that goodness is something renewable, obtainable, possible; by practicing and by giving of ones' self.

What I love the most about teams is the players.  Of course, being a tad competitive, extremely prejudiced on occasion, and sometimes too noisy, I may seem obnoxious.  Sorry.

Love to you this beautiful, Fall day.


Tj and Mark said...

Thanks. I needed that encouragement. I am a tad grumpy today.

N2 said...

Glad the Giants Won!!! (Yes, it was unexpected and Great.) And glad to see you back here. x0 N2

Ms. Moon said...

You're beautiful. Inside and out.

Jendocino said...

This post oozes happiness. I love it!

Elizabeth said...

What a joyous post. And of course you have dimples!

Bethany said...

Love that last photo, made me smile. They are all great though, the running, the supporting, the joy. You're right. I need to find someone to cheer for, some one to hoist up on my shoulders. For now, I was happy when I came home from food shopping and my sick little bunny tulip ate some of the red leaf lettuce I bought her (she suddenly just stopped eating the romaine.)
Joy to you Laura.

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