Friday, November 12, 2010

Life is Good

If I didn't know better, I'd have called today a Fall Apart Day.  Things have been a little weird in the Land of Laura.  Mmmm.  Maybe I need to have a look-see with the astral line-up, check on any wild hares or black holes which may have appeared as I sipped coffee this morning, daydreaming instead of moving my pen across the pages.

For a couple of days I've had a nervous stomach, something which used to lay me out flat on the kitchen floor.  This was nothing like that, but persistent, nagging, borderline painful.

You know what?  The fire alarm went off again.  This time because the stovepipe is new, and stinks a bit, and makes most likely, poisonous fumes, so the alarm went berserk.  Luna came running to find me, and we went looking for Emerson.  He was cowering behind our bed, trying to force his 78+lbs.  under it.  His ears were down, his eyes huge.  Poor baby!  I am thinking that I need to put a permanent sign on the front porch for the neighbors and firepeople, in case of emergency; look under the bed for the Labrador.

I took my camera and went out the front door, hopped in the car, and headed towards my closest daughter's house.  In the car, for me, is a sanctuary of sorts.  I am completely in control (yes, I know, it is an illusion of control, but never mind).  I sing, pray, talk, swear, cry, laugh.  I am entertained, soothed, supported, enjoyed.  I am the center of the LPC Universe, don't have to watch what I say.  Uncensored.

Today my mind was occupied by thoughts of my elder brother.  He's been having some health challenges.  Damn.  Of course, my mind goes backwards, to our growing up river, out in the hills, "the boonies," he'd always say.  It's true.  We were backwoods kids.

I just talked briefly with my sister to learn that his hospitalization was caused most likely, by an adverse reaction to the drugs he was given in preparation for the procedure he had yesterday.  Jesus H Christ.  Sorry.  A risk to taking drugs is reaction to the drugs.

 The morning light seemed to careen from red to yellow to green to blue back to yellow.  The vines are a riot of color.  They've been watered, fed, trellised, sprayed, pruned, rained upon, frosted, boiled, roasted, dusted, fertilized and finally, harvested.  Now they are a free-for-all of color.  Days pass, and all that riot will be on the ground.

Life is just pretty.  Sometimes astounding.

At Sarah's gate the Dogwood is all decked out in scarlet.  My brother is mending.  I am heading for bed.
Blessed Be.


Elizabeth said...

This description is of a riotous day -- difficult and challenging but beautiful in its way. I'm wishing for a more peaceful one tomorrow -- or at least something to balance it all out! Your photos are gorgeous, as always. And I hope that your brother heals quickly.

Anonymous said...

No matter how the tummy roils, the artist, with her camera, rolls on!

N2 said...

Glad you have been focusing on the riot of color around you =o). That should help calm the tummy down, non? Best wishes to the elder brother and love to you. x0 N2

Ms. Moon said...

The color- eye-blinding, mind-staggering, heart-rocking.

AkasaWolfSong said...

I've been sitting here catching up on your always you make me smile, laugh, get teary eyed, have a quick intake of breath as I 'hear the message' or see the eye-popping photos...all of it wonderful and very beautiful.

I hope your brother heals fully and quickly...and that you feel better too!

Annie Jeffries said...

I just hate it when a day, or days, just feel so off kilter. There isn't one big thing wrong but enough little stuff nagging at you that you feel your world is going mad. Smart to get in the car and away from it all where you could discover that even as the world of Fall crumbles into winter, you know the refreshment of rest and recuperation will work its healing magic.

TjandMark said...

Gorgeous color, and photos. I hear ya on the adverse reactions to drugs and shooting up prayers for your brother.

Jendocino said...

Sorry you've been rattled. I can tell by the riot of colors! And I'm sorry about your brother. I wish him a speedy recovery!

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