Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How Nonnie Sees the Harvest

Yes.  I admit it:  I am a sucker for grandkids and puppies.  Not being able to help myself, I have decided that this is just the state of things in my world.  Some day in the misty and distant future I may return to painting and writing something serious.  Maybe.

Sarah called this morning, and I moved the dog-to-the-Lake appointment to later.  Maybe tomorrow.  Drove out to the Ranch, and was met by my favorite farmer, Thomas.  He is full of amazing facts.

Here come more grapes!  In 1/2 ton bins.  Wow.  Lots of grapes.

Harvest is in its first days, will go on for some time.  The whole year's work and salary is right here, in these bins.  Aromatic, beautiful, glistening black in the sunlight.  Back home, I hear the Harvest all around me.  I heard it night before last, when loud beeping and crashing bins and diesel engines and Spanish voices above the din woke me around 2:17 a.m.  I don't mind being awakened by this bustle.  Lord knows, it is a miracle to have a viable Harvest this year.

Thomas is learning first hand his connection to the Earth and its cycles.

I am a grateful Nonnie, with a camera.



Anonymous said...

Love the granny who thinks she'll "get back" to writing and image making as she posts elegant photographs and links in her writing the love of pups and children and a praise poem to the land! "Get back," indeed. She never LEFT!

Merry ME said...

Do you live in the middle of a vineyard?

N2 said...

Good to know those grapes are comin' in at last. Maybe they'll have more character for their winding road to enough sugar this year. Hope so! Bises. N2

Tj and Mark said...

I can almost smell them.

Ms. Moon said...

A beautiful post!
And it reminds me of this one:

AkasaWolfSong said...

I agree with Gail? This is the stuff of life...a boy, pups, the land, trucks and those who love them, and grapes galore...

What beautiful bounties from Mother Earth...all of them!

Kim and Victoria said...

Ah sweet grandkids. Someday maybe I'll have one or two.

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