Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Never, ever, alone

It may seem at times, that I am the only one around my universe.  Of course it takes just a small turn of a sometimes creaky neck, to see that no matter how unique I may feel, there is one of me close by.  Thank goodness.

This group lives in a small corral with the garlic crop at my friend, Dede's house/garden.  She says she didn't even plant them.  Oh, I'm thinking, I sure hope they come to my house soon.

The pomegranates astound me with how much orange and red they embody.  Wow.  How does that feel?  Do they wonder if they are pomegranate-enough?

Lately, having just pushed through finishing and hanging the last paintings, I have been feeling like I need something to DO.  The paintings are up, they look good, now they are on their own.  I have been feeling like I am all alone in this endeavor, and like I haven't done enough.  Yes.  Believe it or not.

My Monday Morning group has now taken a swan-dive into Julia Cameron's "Vein of Gold."  Graceful or no, we are jumping in, and one of the first "tasks" for us is to write our own story, and she is guiding us with the "Narrative Time Line."  Do not be surprised to see some of my history popping up here, as it has already now and again.  Hopefully I will be putting some order to the whole saga!  Ha!  To the best of my abilities, I will hold order as a possible.  For the next 2-3 weeks I am working on this,  JC says that I will gain a sense of personal continuity and... permission to say the unsayable.  permission to think the unthinkable.  permission to make the previously unmakeable arts.  Okay, I say.  Let's go.  JC also says that "although the Narrative Time Line is not in and of itself "art,"it is the wellspring from which our art flows."

My garden inspires my life and work.  Every morning there is a new burst of color, a new squash, the parsley gone to bloom.  I love to put my face all the way in to the vines and leaves.  I like to absorb the energy of the plants and their environment.  I like to hold the hose and water them individually, in the most inefficient way.  I like to watch the water seep into the soil, quickly, because the soil is well-tended and receptive.  Step 1:  I was born to a farm family.  It is in my blood to tend to the soil, to grow my family and to feed us from the garden.

So, it is time to get with the jobs and tasks.  It's going to be hot today, but not as hot as yesterday.  Looks like each day holds some kind of respite, no?  Each day is new, and does contain many mysteries, many opportunities to love, many places in which to be inspired.  Okay.  Let's do it!


PS:  Blogger changes the font at this stage of the game.  No amount of cussing or fiddling makes any difference.  So, that's that.  xoxoxo


Ms. Moon said...

Your garden, your growing is beautiful. I like to water the same way, one hose, one plant. It's silly, isn't it? But satisfying.

Merry ME said...

The whole blogger thing drives me bonkers!

Can't wait to read your story(s). What a talented woman you are.

Merry ME said...

P.S. I never ever knew how garlic grew. I would never have guessed on a long tall stem!

Anonymous said...

Sigh of pleasure. Beautiful, Larabee, as always.

Bimbimbie said...

Are they poppy pods? I hope you adopted one or two and gave them a home at yours. Enjoy your time in the sun and the garden*!*

LindyLouMac said...

I also love my garden but sadly I do not have your artistic talent to use the inspiration like you. I will be here again for a browse around this lovely blog.

N2 said...

Those poppy and pomegranate blossom pictures turned out Great! And all the rest of course =o). You do inspire with your exploration of the arts via Julia Cameron. Onward into deeper wilds of art jungle!!

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful post -- and I'm with you on the Blogger font change thing. WHY does it do that, sometimes? Maddening!

Bethany said...

oh darn, i just lost my whole post.

I love the poppy stems.
I see your narrative showing up already and hope it's coming along okay.

I forgot about your pomegranates. I think I feel in love with you last year when you posted pics of them.

That last photo, sigh.

Congrats on your paintings. That must feel great.

I love reading about your garden and the way you tend it. So tender and loving.

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