Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day, Gratitude and Artwork

Yes, you have heard this a trillion times from me, but look at this face!  I love her!  And I love how she loves me.  My Luna Girl.  She and I have become such good friends, even if we do have a horse of a pup in the household, for which I am responsible.  She seems to have forgiven me, and for this I am grateful.  She is the first dog I have ever had who comes when I call, regardless of what is going on or how much she really wants to chase that cat.  One afternoon recently, she led Emerson out the back gate which I had left open.  The neighbor-chickens were out enjoying beetles and things.  She did not even look at them!  Of course she was hot on the trail of cats, AND she came immediately when I discovered that they were gone and called for them.

Yes, no one knows if dogs "really" love people.  I think that ruminating on that is silly.  I just go with what is in front of me:  This dog  and I have a good thing going.

Here's my boys!

Here's my boys and their dad!  Which makes them our boys.
Happy Happy Happy Father's Day!
The wild and perilous adventure may be chronicled in another post.
I love these guys.

Here's Gina, one of my(our) girls!

Not the greatest photos: I call them "working photos."  They are a notation for me, a record of sorts.  This painting has consumed me somewhat, being very stubborn, demanding things from me I had no idea I had in me.  This is a good thing, challenging the artist to move beyond "the norm," or the (ha!) comfort of the comfortable!

My show goes up tomorrow morning.  I am so excited.  I cannot believe I have put together another body of work.  It's exhausting and exhilarating at the same time.  I have lost sleep over these babies, have dreamed titles, been instructed where to go next.  I've thrown my hands up; said, "I quit!" at least fifty times.

 I've not gone to the Music In the Plaza, not gone to my writing group, not returned phone calls.  I've been apparently absentia.  I've been completely obsessed with painting, if not the actual doing, the thinking, the sitting and staring, the looking and trying to see, the shushing of the voracious critic, obsessed with listening.  Yes, the paintings whisper, they sing, they shout, they speak audibly.  My job is to listen.

Tomorrow morning we load them up and haul them away.  The living room will be empty, the remote will work again because the pile of paintings will be gone.  Oh, gosh.  It's going to be quiet in here again.

I am so grateful.  My support crew is so good!  They boss me around, and love me up.  They feed me and push me and leave me alone.  They miss me because I am completely unavailable to them.  Heaven knows what the little ones must think, but they are sweet and happy to see me when I show up again, and that is what fills my heart with gratitude.  The Goddess shows up in spirals and labyrinths, shows me over and over and over that I am one with Spirit, one with the good, not alone.  This One urges me to share, regardless of the cacophony in my head, and for that, I am most grateful.

Thank you.
I love you.


Merry ME said...

Miss Swallowtail,
I do not know what a "show" entails except that people are going to come by and ooh and ahh over your creations. So I want details! Is it a one-woman show? How many paintings? Are they for sale (dumb question, I'm guess the answer is yes). Will it be in a gallery?

It sounds so darn exciting I am jumping up and down and doing the happy dance for you. I can't believe you have so many muses to listen to. It must be like having multiple personality disorder!
And you must be so very disciplined. Girl you rock!

You didn't ask for it but I'll weigh in with my two cents on the dogs loving people thing. Of course they do. In my book, when souls connect it's love.

Please be sure to let us know how the show turns out. Your picture is really quite stunning.

N2 said...

Hooray for all the new paintings going up on walls to be shown starting tomorrow!! Congratulations on doing all that hard work and putting it out there for the public to see.

Love the pictures of your beautiful Grown Boys =o).

May everything go smoothly at the hanging tomorrow...

x0x0 N2

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