Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pomegranates and Pups

These are without a doubt, the most beautiful fruit.  Well, one of the most beautiful."Like Water for Chocolate," a movie from a thousand years or so ago, had a scene where the young woman was cooking for her lover.  She used pomegranates, which she opened and seeded, as a garnish for a dish,  If I am remembering correctly, she got a little carried away.  Oh my, that whole movie transported me... I just loved the excess of it all.  Which reminds me, I must remind you... It's Sagittarius Time!  So, if you know one of us: Get your spiritual compass set on auto-pilot (aimed for the high ground), and invite her to many, interesting parties.  Mexico, Argentina, France, Spain, Whidbey Island or Victoria BC, any little place will do. 
Isn't it amazing?  They just hang there, looking like this!

All photos of Emerson now have a motion-inspired blur to them.  He tends to have to speak his mind vehemently when told what to do.  While this is kind of cute now, I keep imagining an 80lb Labrador talking back to me.  Let us cross that bridge when we get to it.
To the left you see the spotted Luna-nose.  I must confess:  Emerson really does his commands pretty well.  He is learning to wait for me to go through the door first.  He waits for his food bowl.  He is doing "leave it" now and then, though not consistently.  He is learning "blanket," and does this one really well when he is NOT hungry.  His 'sit' and 'wait' are becoming stronger every day.  The only time he gets grumpy is when he cannot do what he wants, and I kid you not, he carries on quite vocally!

Now, besides painting and writing, I must (MUST) get going on doing yoga and walking and taking my supplements, and riding my bicycle and swimming, and whatever else I can dream up to move this body around quicker,  with more agility and grace.  This is my newest determination, and it goes well with a pup and Luna, both of whom thrive in the outdoors and love to do all of the above (perfect downward dogs!).

Here I go!  In the morning.


Bethany said...

I love that you wrote: Isn't it amazing? They just hang there, looking just like this!
It IS amazing and wonderful and bewildering. I can't believe you get to stand there watching them hang there, like that! Lucky you. I am a huge fan of pomegranates too, their shape and color and amazing intricate insides. My favorite seltzer is pomegranate flavor. I love seeing drawings of them.

Course, I love pups too and yours are adorable. Emerson sounds like he's doing fantastically. I had a friend who got a lab pup and really had no idea she needed to work with him and teach him things and he was just a monster. Poor guy. He had no structure and was so bored. Your dogs are lucky. And I know what you mean about how they keep us moving. Hope you had a fun day.

Oh and loved that movie too.

A wildlife gardener said...

Beautiful dog...the eyes have it. you know our pets are lkie our can always tell a lot about a family from the way their pet is brought up, I think. If the animal turns out to be gentle, after being cared for for a while, then, 9 times out of 10, the family is gentle :)

Love the pomegranites, which seem exotic to me, being able to grow them when they come to our shops only when in season...I associate them with Halloween and Christmas as that is when we can buy them :)

Sorrow said...

Oh yes well, I have Sagittarius folks who run( and i do mot jest) every day from nov 30th thru the 17th of this lovely month.
I am surrounded by high energy intense passion
and a love of laughter.
Which has saved me many a time in the past 10 days.
I like the idea of acquiring more grace and agility, it will have to wait , until after i am mended.
Happy Birthday
soul sister

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