Friday, February 22, 2008

left behind

I hear the first yip-yip-yip, there

barking from the South, chuckling to the East

coyote summons North with one syllable drawn

into an impossible vowl, and the West

is brought into circle by laughter and yodeling

sliver of moon takes its time with the night sky

near and dark winter, these voices

like ghosts circle in waves

make galaxies overhead a cathedral

awaken me from deep sleep

pull that long note from four directions

here the long quiet night interrupted

season of departure and darkness, season of death

winter is a time of hibernation, restoration and beauty

why take the dark to mean anything other than this?

why make incubation and birthing, deep winter

menacing, humankind at its own center 

questions where to fit into the cycle of life

when you kill yourself, do you take my love with you?

do you take your love of the sea and your blue eyes?

do you kill yourself for relief or to inflict even greater pain?

does killing yourself make you happy?  When it comes

to this, all I can say is I love you

this drowning will pass


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la diabla said...

It's just so wonderful to listen, and experience this with you!

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