Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Day to Say I LOVE YOU!

My work is loving the world.    ...Mary Oliver

This is our work, to love without reservation.  Don't hold back.  Pour your love into every cup in your cupboard.  Find extra cups, the ones you hide in the back because they are chipped.  Get them out!  Fill them up!  Cradle them, chips and all, filled to the brim with your full-blown colorful love.

Love isn't for bargaining.  Love is for giving away.  Love is for embracing, accepting, absorbing, allowing. Love is for sharing, passing around.  Love is for unfettering, unfurling.  Love is expansive.

Breathe in Love.  Breathe out Love.

Use Love as your favorite ingredient, your favorite noun, your favorite verb.  Use Love as your favorite destination, ambition, goal, heart's-desire.  Use Love as your guide. 

Love is flexible,  mallable, indestructible.  Love is fluid, fills up cracked armor, mends broken hearts.  Love is available.  Right now.  Right here.

I love you.


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