Tuesday, January 22, 2008

thinking today

Every thought has a biological response. Every mood either enhances or
inhibits your health. Your attitude produces a corresponding reaction in your body.

Maintaining a healthy body isn’t just about what kind of food you eat, or whether you get regular exercise. Equally important is what you think about on a regular basis.

Statistics show that happy people tend to be healthier people. People who have a positive attitude heal faster than others.

If you really want to be healthy, find out what brings you happiness, then do it. Joy is the essential ingredient for health.

What have you done today that was fun? What made you laugh? Who did you see today that you love?

Filling your life with love and joy is the most productive thing you can do to create health.


...your health is the sum total of all the impulses, positive and negative, emanating from your conciousness. You are what you think. Deepak Chopra

January 22 Spirit Is Calling

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