Wednesday, January 23, 2008

new camera, grey and cold skies warmed by French Press and packing in wood

I have purchased a new camera. It isn't exactly new, but it is very new to me. A Nikon D50, perhaps more camera than I will ever get used to, perhaps not. My intention is to regale you all with fabulous images of my adorable and most incredibly trained and obedient canine friends, Meat Pie and Luna. So far the only problem is that Luna is so camera-shy that she hides in the Cannas with her spotted round butt facing me. The other small problem, soon to be remedied, is figuring out how to get said images into the computer and onto my blog. Ha! No problem!

Grey skies are inviting me outside. Too soon I go to work, so sooner than that I will traipse to the river with almonds in my pocket.

Regale: To delight or entertain; give pleasure to.... to entertain sumptuously with food and drink...


Gail Jonas said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the photos you take with your new camera. I hope you put them up on your blog.

la diabla said...

why don't you bring your ragale to my place?

thanx for the definition, I won't wince when you use it from now on!

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