Thursday, June 27, 2013

Oh my, how time does fly!

Amazing!  How time does fly.

What all has gone on since Feb. 9, 2013?  So very much that there may be no catching up, which brings one to "acceptance" which is different than "liking" or "not liking!"  Acceptance has less opinion and more, well, more presence.

I see that already the ramble has begun.  I will make no attempt to catch-up, since it is all in the past, now, anyways  (I heard that Phew!).

Springtime has been long and drawn-out.  The rain stopped too early, and fire season was upon us until a couple of days ago, when it rained on our camping trip up the river, and here, too for that matter.  The fire season will be back in full swing within the week, as high temperatures and breezes whisk away the humidity.

In celebration, for lunch today I had 4th of July tomatoes in my salad.  Dark red and juicy, they are not at peak summer yummy, but I am not complaining.

We have a new family member.  His name is Panda.  Today was his first trip to the vet, and all was well until The Nurse took his temperature.  That was mean.  And rude.  And I could hear him complain all the way out at the front desk.

Yes.  My two Cutie Pies are making every day a good one, as usual.  That is why they are dogs.  
Dog = God  spelled the other way.  These faces do that to my day.

Yes.  More trips to the coast are in order.  A place of peace and contemplation where luscious energy infuses us.  Oh.  I could go there right this minute.

Yes:  Write.  Read.  Meditate.  Pray.  Write more.  Read more.  Yes.  More more more.


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Merry ME said...

Look who's back! At least til life takes you away on some adventure you can't pass up. I never know if answering a comment on my blog ever gets read, so I'm glad to find you here.
I have wondered about you and yours. Kind of pictured you tucked away in a studio painting away. But now that it's summer I can see that there will be lots of other things on your agenda.
As to fire season - I don't know where you are exactly, but then fires don't really mind where they go, do they. Pictures on TV of Colorado are very scary so I hope you are never faced with that kind of devastation.
The Florida summer is in full swing. Hot. Muggy. Buggy. Sweetie has been urging me into the pool for weeks. Knowing he can stand cooler temps than I, I've avoided falling for the iceberg trap. So I was pretty darn surprised when I stuck my toes in a few days ago and it felt like a hot tub. Except for being wet, not the least bit refreshing on a summer afternoon. I've stopped complaining about the cost of the new air conditioner!
May your days be full of fresh tomatoes and your nights lit by lightning bugs.

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