Thursday, May 24, 2012

Healdsburg FFA Parade

This one quit, and no amount of cranking could get it going again.

So, everybody out, and push!  This may have been the longest parade ever for these guys.

 I've been told to not photograph strangers, but I couldn't help myself!

OH!  It's the Dancing Mary!!!

...and friends!

Mary is prone to the giggles.

And we are glad of it!

I don't know.  Couldn't spell or pronounce these guys.  Let's just call him the Bottle Guy.

Really.  It was the best parade, ever.


Annie said...

I just love small community parades. It is the perfect setting for all the flavors of a small town to come together. Love those red/orange clown shoes.

N2 said...

I looked at the pictures on the FFA FB page, too, and I have to agree, it must have been the best parade since I moved to town. Heartbreak to miss it and Dee+Sid, too.

Your pictures were better than FFA's, though they had a lot more. They should hire you next year. Those great costumes were a group from Oaxaca, I do believe. Good representation of the Latin American community this year.

Bisous! N2

Merry ME said...

May the child's spirit in Dancin' Mary always be prone to giggles.

Each picture made me yearn for small town America.

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