Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Goooooooood Day!

I am wanting to be a famous Raven Photographer.  Ha ha.  No, really.  I do.  Only problem is that they do not co-operate.  I am tenacious, though.  So we shall see.  They are intelligent, humorous, wary, and very forward when one does not hold a camera in hand.

My brother feeds Ravens in his back yard.  He even knows some of their favorite snacks, like Aunt Cleo's pancakes.  He puts the "compost" out in their garden and bangs the pot on the fence.  Goes inside and watches them come sailing out of the forest from his kitchen window.  The Ravens chuckle and gobble up their treats.  They hear the pot bang, call in the whole clan, and drop in for snacks.

Some day a Raven will follow me home.  Even when I am up in the mountains on the way to the Lake,  from their vantage point my house is only about three miles away.  Every trip I invite them, show them the way.

This was a fun interlude in my day:  Grand Kidlets.  Ice cream and good company = Smiles.

Took a circuitous route home.  Found piglets in the vineyard.  They are an integral part of a system where bye the soil is tilled and fertilized by pigs and chickens.  There were four of this size; very extremely cute.

Flamboyant Flowering Quince, made the more bright by the sun setting behind the hill.  Wow.

And ever so coincidentally meeting Mary, who's smile is the BEST!  Now seriously, isn't this the coolest way to end a day?



Elizabeth said...

That photo of your grandkidlets is infectiously cute.

Are ravens the same as crows? I have a problem with crows, but I think if they were called ravens I wouldn't. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Grandmother Bird Woman: Another lovely tale of the feathered ones and the beautiful grand-babies-grown-up!

N2 said...

I can see the grandmaw's love reflected in the grandkids' eyes =o).

The captures of the ravens just keep getting better.

x0 N2

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

A lovely selection of photos, love the piglet!

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