Thursday, July 14, 2011

Luna at the Lake

Title:  At the Lake Not Listening to Mom for the Moment

Of course, she does change course, make a big loop, and come back to the point, er, the sit.  Ms. Luna is 4 &1/2 years old, and this posting is a celebration of her.

Look closely, and you see the green of the tennis ball, fragmented by the experience of being thrown into the brink.  Well, little ball, you ain't seen nuthin yet.

Can all hell break loose in the water?  Probably, if one considers Great White Shark.
Great Speckled Luna.

How blessed I am to have a Luna friend.  She is thriving with her regime of raw food, leash-walks, occasional rides in the car, controlled trips to the Lake.  She loves her "kids," doesn't pay much mind to any others.  She and I both are recovering from the deep winter traumatic experience.  I have found much comfort in Trish and Lisa's instructions: protect her.  In a profound way, I was given permission to take care of her, to make decisions about her, to take control.

Keeping Watch

In the morning
When I began to wake,
It happened again--

That feeling
That You, Beloved,
Had stood over me all night
Keeping watch,

That feeling
That as soon as I began to stir

You put Your lips on my forehead
And lit a holy Lamp
Inside my heart.


And, for this I am very very grateful


Ms. Moon said...

What a SOUL!

Merry ME said...

Look who's back. Laura and Luna. I've missed you. These pictures make me want to pack Miss Suzi Q in the car (which would be traumatic because she has a fear of doors, especially small doors) and take her to the beach just to see what she'd do.

Elizabeth said...

So much joy in this post --

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