Saturday, October 16, 2010


The garden is going to sleep.  Sunflowers are picked clean and what remains are magnificent sky sculptures.  Yes, that is the moon.

No, I cannot remember the name of this amazing plant.  She has a stunning yellow flower that towers over my head, but is obviously not a sunflower.  Today these fluffy seeds emerged.

It's calm.  This may be what Peace looks like.  Or the color of symphony.  Whispering Possibles.

Good night.


Anonymous said...

Essence of dusk, autumn, the finishing hours. Beautiful images, Laura. Love the silhouette.

Merry ME said...

Whispering Possibilities...sounds like the title of a book!

Ms. Moon said...

My food garden is starting to look beautiful! But my wild/flower areas are beginning to go stark. It is the way of it.

Bethany said...

Wow, yes.
Lovely, like you.

N2 said...

Even your endings have beauty. Love the sunflower silhouettes! And all those seeds mean more yellow flowers next year. x0 N2

Jendocino said...

Evocative images of fall. Beautiful. The photos make me want to fly away on the wind alongside those little, fluffy seeds.

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