Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rain and Run-off

Bob's driveway... our hedge!  Big raindrops.

Gibson Lane, river crossing.  "You see, this would be the East Russian River, if not for the levy," says Jim.  Yes, all the natural places for the water to go have been farmed and graped, with roads and houses and what-not.

My arugula bed, the Toulouse garlic, and other garlic varieties.  Um, that is quite a bit of water!

The apple tree soaking it up!  Oh, was the rain coming down!  Now we are having respite, the next storm to arrive tomorrow morning.  This is a nice rhythm, filling all the run-off places to the brim, and then knock off 'til tomorrow.  Some real smart cookie is running this show.

Entertaining this morning to watch the Bay Area be under deluge.  Should I say entertaining?  Not to be rude or anything, but why do people drive in this?  TV shows four lanes of freeway, three of which are under a huge puddle, and the cars and trucks plowing through it.  The announcer says, "well, some people are not even slowing for it..."  Amazing to say that there have not been any big accidents, thank goodness.

A little band runs continually at the bottom of the screen... another 6+ aftershock has hit Haiti!  Oh my Goddess.  Why doesn't some one just evacuate the people to a safer place, NOW?!!  People are dying yards away from piles of supplies, medical and food.  The military man says, "I cannot address why the supplies are not getting to a specific site..."  In the background you can see the people.  Oh God!  Help!

I am not used to watching any "normal" TV, so I am turning it off, right now.  Please, People, put the Creative Mind to work, now.

More later?


Merry ME said...

I have to ask, not in any bra-burning feminist way, isn't it time for a woman - a multi-tasking, soccer-mom kind of woman to start getting the relief show running down there?

And if that isn't provacative enough, I'll add this question. Why is it the Israeli army had field hospitals set up and functioning - birthing babies, even - before the US was even in country?

Inquiring minds want to know.

P.S. What if all that rain were snow? It would be one great big winter wonderland!

N2 said...

Wow. The east Rushin River, indeed. I can just see you tip-toeing out with the camera and then retreating quickly to dry land. Yes, more later with the sun out.

I agree, Merry ME. It is past time for some Common Sense Management Consulting straightening up the American effort down there in Haiti.

x0 N2

swallowtail said...

It's okay, MM, to burn the bra. Feminist is not a bad word, eh! even though often it is given bad-rap. Yes, Cuba was there the same day as well, setting up hospital and food. Interesting. On Democracy Now, yesterday, there was an extensive piece on a Haitian Feminist who was killed in the first earthquake a week ago. And, N2, you are so right! My feet wet, and my spirits sagging a bit, it all seems so chaotic! Tho I know our corner of the world needs a good soaking, I look forward to going to work soon! xoxo

grasshopper said...

I'm with Merry...

I covet your arugula patch...

We're getting the rain down here in So. Cal too. Tornado warnings yesterday! I can't wait to see the blooming when it is done.

Thank you for your kind words about my doggie dilemma. It helped - really.

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