Saturday, October 3, 2009

Harvest Pizza

That shadow is the avocado pit growing on the window sill...
I could tell that this was going to be gooood!   
That tomato, by the way, is called "Pink Accordion," and it is quite musical.
Seriously, this smelled so good the house nearly melted.


N2 said...

Does this mean there won't be any more harvest pizza makings by the time I get home to CA =,o[... Wish I'd been there to help you put this one together and Eat. It and the maters are beyoootifull!


swallowtail said...

I believe YOU still have some 'maters, Ms.N2! All is not lost. Not to mention that there is now a bucket and a basket on the kitchen floor, though those will be roasted and eaten by the time you are back in the 'Burg! xoxo

Sorrow said...

My mouth is watering!
That looks so good!

Sorrow said...

dear one, did you get an email from me?
I received a strange return to sender thingy...
was worried

Susan Cornelis said...

I'm salivating! ANd I must take this opportunity to thank you once again for the idea of baking the tomato slices to make sauce. I have several batches in the freezer now and still baking more!

Kenya said...

oh man! it looks soooo good. hope you enjoyed it!

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