Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What Is The Root?

Is the
Root of all these
One thing: Love.
But a love so deep and sweet
It needed to express itself
With scents, sounds, colors
That never before
One thing: Love.  At the root of every thing.  Perhaps, because we sometimes struggle with words, Love best describes that which moooooooooooves us; wakes us up in the morning, picks tomatoes, sweeps the floor, makes the coffee, writes the poem.
...a love so deep and knows no other thing than to express itself.  So, the Eel River, no matter how shallow, how "managed," how empty of eels or salmon or... look closely!  You will see the Caddisfly larvae near the frog... the long tube-shaped thing (I see 3 of them in the photo).  Though the river looks like it is hurting, what is there is living!  This reassures me. The river flows, lives.
The tiny lizard is all the colors of the rock.  The rock is large and sun warmed.  A nice place to grow up, with bugs buzzing around for food, the river whispering, Grosbeaks singing fragrant songs.  I have always wondered where the parents go, leaving such itty-bitty lizards behind.

I am feeling sensitive.  Today I went to town to the courthouse to support a family who is so dear to ours.  Their lives are disrupted, they are sad, traumatized.  

The rest of my day has been restless.  I am remembering sweaty piles of boys, wrestling themselves senseless.  I am remembering feeding them, repeatedly.  I am remembering how the girls, a few years older, were tolerant and even not-so-secretly loved the swarmy, slimey boys. I am remembering how sweet it was to witness the deep and abiding love that tied these boys all together with their "chosen" friends.

Today at the courthouse the drama plays out in a weird reverse.  "It" all happened almost 2 years ago; now there is testimony, wringing the story out of notes, files, police reports and broken hearts, telling the story through leading questions.  There is alcohol, drugs, and choices gone horribly wrong.  There are parents and family and friends, hoping against all odds... for what?

For the opportunity to say, one more time, "I love you, David."  I love you, and now it is time for you to stand up in your life and love you.  

For a sign of hope.  
...a love so deep and sweet
It needed to express itself
With scents, sounds, colors
That never before


Merry ME said...

This is a powerful and insightful message. I love how you've connected the words, the pictures and emotions.

Prayers for the families. Prayers for David. Hugs for you.

N2 said...

Lovely, LC. It's about the small things, the simple, the basic, the frog, the larva, the heart in the rock.
Love to you. N2

A wildlife gardener said...

Beautiful poem, beautiful piece of heartfelt much love to-ing and fro-ing...

Loved the frog, the lizard, the rock...everything...beautiful post :)

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