Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer Solstice is here, now

Cleome is a beautiful name, and exotic.  Papa Ott is at her feet, gaining momentum.

Nasturtium, Marigold and Zucchini, a trio.

Today is the longest day, here in our part of the world. "Enjoy it," my sweet friend said this morning.  A couple of days ago on my way into town, I saw in the vineyard 3 wild turkey hens with their broods, perhaps 30+ turkey-kidlets in all.  The new flock about!  In Humboldt Co., when I was making innumerable trips up to be with Mom, on my way home I listened to KHUM until I was out of range.  On Tuesday mornings I listened to a gem of a show called "Turkey....?"  Too bad I cannot remember the name!  Anyways, these people kept track of the wild turkeys, and reported upon their where-abouts and goings-on.  Which reminds me that the name of the show was/maybe still is, "Wild Turkey Report."  I learned so much about the habits and social structure of the wild turkey, and it was fascinating.  They even did a "turkey count" for different areas and roads.

Where else would you ever find this kind of thing out?  Just here on LARABEE and on KHUM.

One of these days this summer I am going to go up to Larabee and see how it goes on the little hill above the Eel River.  And jump in at the Eddy, oh the deep deep deep eddy, where the river is beautiful green like the ocean.  And cold. 

Which sounds so good on this 102+ day!  The Longest Day in the N. Hemisphere.  Hang on, right?  'Cause now we're shifting gears, tilting a bit, moving in a little closer.  Remember back into your bones, before everything got all "civilized," breathe into the time

OMIGODDESS!  An enormous thunderhead just grew up past the sun!  Perhaps this remembering will take us into healing our Mother Planet, take us into Source, into the shadowy brilliance from whence we all come.

Blessed Be!  See you at the river?  


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