Wednesday, November 21, 2007

delicious is in the details

a little too much butter and brown sugar
makes yams and yellow sweet potatoes
baked carmely with crunchy edges.

fresh roasted coffee ground to the French Press
perfect pies rolled out by Auntie R
while love birds swoop and squeak in her hair

we are all leaning into a day
warmed by each other
in the relative safety of N. California

November is finally very cold
wind chasing the last leaves down
now I am missing Mom

little rascal confessing
"I threw an applecore out the window..."
a punishable crime horrific detail caught

1936... think of that school bus
winding through the Redwoods
Mom sitting on the top step of the exit door

it is not hard to imagine
her young shoulders bent over knees
the applecore went through an open car window

the ensuing chaos brakes screeching
exhaust dust heat and little Mary
who could hit a skunk with a rock at 50 feet

perhaps determining a better aim
for the next time
and maybe a little carsick

bolting off the bus outrunning
the pack of dusty kids tumbling
hiding in her best secret place unnoticed

she is right here right now
we are enjoying this too full
too much butter too sweet Life

I am so grateful


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